Lo-Fi Culture: My purpose and goal

Loficulture is a blog that is focused on featuring talented artists in the genre of Lo-Fi Hip Hop. This is a space where other lo-fi musicians can learn more about their favorite beat makers and learn more about their past and how it effects them today. Our purpose at Loficulture is to provide you folks with information about lo-fi musicians and find/ask questions that you want to be answered about your favorite beat maker. At Loficulture we value having questions become answers, and we value promoting lo-fi hip hop artists so that they can become better recognized.

In order to make sure i could have a better understanding of these musicians and lo-fi hiphop artists, i want to only make aboutĀ  100 short interviews in this personal passion project. That number might change but for now the numbers don’t mean anything to me. I am just excited to be receivingĀ  time from these musicians.

LofiCulture Update: November 1st 2017

Hi guys! So update from my last post.

Things I’ve accomplished for LofiCulture since i started Fall Quarter at University….

1. Met Elijah Who (a project coming out soon!!!)
2. Have 2 unfinished posts on other contemporary lo-fi hiphop musicians
3. Been ghosted by other musicians :’-)
4. Met potential Digital Artists that might work with us.

Its been an unwarranted hiatus from posting guys, thanks for those who are still keeping up. I really want to keep doing this but it seems like the only time i can work on this is when i stay up at night after the end of my days. Personally i don’t mind getting less sleep but people around me also get concerned for my health. I AM GOING TO CONTINUE WITH THIS PROJECT UNTIL I TALK TO ALL THE LO-FI HIPHOP MUSICIANS I FIND WONDERFUL. Thank you guys who understand the hustle of this and continue to give me words of encouragement. School and internships have been draining… and Midterms…
Anyways, these short interviews just need some final approval from the artists so i’ll work on getting those posted for you guys soon!

Posts are on the way!