Lofi Artist: Insight on RudeManners and his production.

Who is RudeManners? Why didn’t you ask sooner?
RudeManners is an upcoming musician who has recognition by others in the lo-fi community. RudeManners has worked with many of other lo-fi musicians and is a talented feature here on Loficulture. RudeManners sees the potential of the Lo-fi genre and continues to contribute the culture. RudeManners is also a talented graphic designer as seen on his instagram! We at Loficulture want to thank RudeManners for being a part of this interview.

Check out a playlist we made for our favorites from RudeManners! I’ll encourage viewers to listen to all of his music too.

RudeManners Profile pic


What is your full name?
Dalton Mannerud.

What do you do on any typical day?
Most days I just go to my retail job. I then almost always go straight home to start working on music or art. For my part-time job I do freelance graphic design for extra spending money.

How old were you when you found a passion for creating lo-fi beats? How did you find that out at that age?
Well I have been playing music my whole life since I was a young kid .I got my first drum set when I was around 6. I dabbled in guitar for a couple of years but never got fully into it. In high school I was apart of the school band and played the trumpet and saxophone. Once I got a little older I found my love for electronic music which led to my career in producing. I was around 14 when me and my buddy Dylan (also known as Too Ugly) got our first copies of FL Studio. I actually first started producing dubstep in the beginning until about two years ago. I then found artists like Mr. Carmack, Esta, Tomppabeats, and more old school producers like J DIlla and Nujubes. I wanted to mix a style and found myself creating “lo-fi” with my own twist on it.

Why did you decide to pursue your lo-fi music career?
Well I always wanted to create my own sound, and I think lo-fi is something I am able to build off of to help me reach a new sound.

How long does it take to make one of your tracks if you really focus?
Hmm, well most songs I can get done in under a day. If I’m feeling super creative and inspired I can get a whole song done in a couple of hours.


RudeMannerism Instagram Please contact RudeManners before any use of these images

When you collab with other artists, how do you tend to divide the workload? How do you handle musicians/artists when they tell you how to produce your music?
Usually we split it 50/50. If were working with samples, ill usually chop, add synths and add effects, while I let them do drums and anything else they want to add. I’ve never actually had someone tell me how to produce so I’m not sure how I would react haha

How many people ask you for your beats and to use them for raps, songs, and other forms of creativity?
Not too many actually, maybe a couple of people a month. Most people just use it without asking


RudeMannerism Instagram Please contact RudeManners before any use of these images

For people who want to use your music for their own (rapping over it, leasing it, etc) do you normally charge a flat rate? Does it depend on the artist and the project they’re looking to make?
This actually depends, and I’m not sure if this makes me sound like an ass but I usually only want to work with artists who i’m really into and dig their music. I don’t want to work with people who’s music I don’t really like. Sometimes I will charge for beat leases but that’s rare.


RudeMannerism Instagram Please contact RudeManners before any use of these images

Where do you see the genre of lo-fi going and how do you think you’re going to transition with it/from it?

The genre itself is pretty underground still, but is slowly making its rise to popularity. It really can go in any direction at this point. It has a lot of open room for people to work with and I’m extremely excited to hear what people are going to do with it. I hope to start making more electronic lo-fi and like I mentioned before, creating my own sound.

How have you developed from being RudeManners and what has been the biggest change in your life from being this personality?
There has been so much progress since i first started RudeManenrs. I used to actually be terrible for a long time until i started taking music production seriously and started learning music theory more and studying it. The biggest change in my life has to be my appreciation for all music. I used to be quite anal when it came to music but over the time I started appreciating and understanding more music.

Do your friends treat you differently seeing the music you’re able to create?
my friends don’t really treat me differently actually, and to think about it most people don’t really treat me differently.

What kind of instruments, tools, equipments, programs, and inspiration do you use when making your music?
I use Ableton live 9 for all my production. VSTs i use are massive, serum, and kontakt. For actually hardware I use a sp404 sometimes and use my Axiom25i mini keyboard.

Would you ever think about having another interview with Loficulture? 🙂
Of course!


Thank you all for learning more about RudeManners! RudeManners was one of the first musicians that was ready for the call of action when I first started this blog. I wanted to thank him again for sparing some of his time with us.

*Note* 1.5% of all sales provided by the amazon links above will be donated to a Grid Alternatives. I believe that the sun can be the source for music someday. Lets get technology for it!

That’s it for this short interview! Thanks for taking a minute to find out more about your favorite musician. Email me @loficulturenow@gmail.com and let me know what you thought about it.

That’ll be all for today! Please be sure to check out RUDEMANNERS on his Social Media! 

Tumblr: rudemanners
Instagram: rudemanners
Twitter: rudemanners
Bandcamp: rudemanners
Snapchat: @rudeman
Facebook: RudeManners
Spotify: RudeManners

Come by next week to check out our next feature 🙂


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