Donations this month *9.21.17*

I’d like to take time to figure out which charity suits best for our viewers at Loficulture. I was thinking of another organization called Alternative Power Production but its not quite a non-profit organization.
This month, I’m proud to say that we were able to make a REALLY small donation to GRID Alternatives. Grid Alternative is a charity that is focused on installing solar panels and solar electric systems in under-resourced communities across the country.
I will make donations to Grid Alternatives every month in hopes that one day we can all use solar energy to power our everyday activities (such as listening to music).

Feel free to donate to this cause at your own rate by visiting their website and be sure to let them know Lo-fi music sent you there 😉

Message me if you’d like to see the receipt at

**Question for viewers. Should i just include the receipt here for my next donation?

Have a great day y’all.

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